Birdsall House

Craft Beer Gastropub

Saturday Brunch 12-3pm
Sunday Brunch 11am-3pm

Happy Hour 12pm-4pm

Lunch and Dinner Menu

Special Appetizers (served after 5pm)

Special's change frequently, please call for current menu


"carpaccio tres sensi"

Tuna, Salmon, and Filet Carpaccio with tradtional accompaniments


poutine jean ratelle

A Quebecois classic of house-cut fries topped with mozzarella curds and smothered in gravy



Special Entrées (served after 5pm)

Special's change frequently, please call for current menu

cast iron seared hanger steak

Wild mushroom and mascarpone ragout, purple potato hash and maple infused butternut squash puree


gingered soba noodles with tofu

Stir-fried buckwheat noodles, pickled vegetables, fried tofu, sesame and wakame


"the sloppy tom"

House-made turkey Sloppy Joe sandwich with green onions and thyme cilantro fries


chorizo stuffed zucchini

Wild Hive polenta with apricot, fig and grape gastrique


Birdsall Bistro Burgers

 ½ lb house-ground, seasoned brisket blend, half-sour pickle,
mixed greens, brioche bun, fries



Choose topping style:

Carolina BBQ
 Bacon jam & buttermilk fried leek rings

New Yorker
1/2 Sour pickled jalapenos, NY white cheddar, porter onions

House made kimchi butter, portobello mushrooms, cilantro aioli

Big Bird
Smoked onion & cornichon relish, hoppy dijonnaise


Build your own Bistro Burger

 Feather Ridge Fried egg   1

Roasted portobello    2

Smoked brisket chili 2

Porter onions    1

Peter Luger bacon 2


Cheddar, Danish Blue
Harissa Goat, Swiss 




Endive Wedge
house blue cheese dressing, spiced walnuts, tomato jam, scallions  13

Market Salad
seasonal selection of local greens and vegetables  13

B.B.Q. Loggerhead Shrimp

Birdsall’s own Bourbon Street recipe with smoky cream and tomatillo drizzle  16

Mac n’ Cheese
smoky fontina-cheddar sauce, Peter Luger bacon, orecchiette pasta, fresh greens  14

 Fried Calamari
preserved lemon and peppadew aïoli, baby arugula  14

Grilled Lamb Sliders
cherry jam, caraway mustard, arugula, mini brioche buns  16

Smoked Wings
house pickles, habanero sauce and blue cheese dressing  16

Brisket Nachos
smoked brisket chili, cheddar, salsa verde, sour cream, blue corn tortillas 15

Charcuterie or Cheese Plate
three rotating selections, with accompaniments  18


Chicken Sandwich
free range organic, Peter Luger bacon, porter onions, malt vinegar mayo, 
arugula, French hero, mixed green salad  16

BBQ Pulled Pork Melt
house smoked, creamy poppy seed slaw, cheddar cheese,
Carolina BBQ sauce, sourdough toast, fries  15

Birdsall Reuben
house-made angus corned beef, ancho chile rémoulade,
red cabbage, Swiss cheese, marble rye, fries  17

Fried Green Tomato BLT
panko crusted tomatoes,Peter Luger bacon, plum tomato jam,
mayonnaise, arugula, whole grain toast, mixed green salad  15

Tempeh Bánh Mí
organic 5 grain soybean cake, pickled daikon and carrots, 
ginger cilantro aïoli, soft baguette, fries  15

Grilled Cheese
NY white cheddar, porter onions, whole grain bread, choice of side  13

Beet and Quinoa Burger
harissa goat cheese, baby arugula, brioche bun, fries  15


Saturday Brunch Menu / Sunday Brunch Menu


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